Roblox is an interactive online game especially geared for children (ages 8 – 18) to learn how to build personalized virtual gaming creations. In addition to game building and virtual building, players can chat with one another online, play actual games within the Roblox community and cooperate on Roblox projects. All of the facets of games like Roblox teach children important skills incorporating creativity, cooperation, communication, eye-hand coordination and more.

Roblox players can make their designs, dreams and visions become a virtual reality. In addition, Roblox offers incentives to players re: how to earn Robux (virtual currency) which can be used to purchase virtual items. Robux are earned for completing projects or participating in virtual events and other activities. Roblox can be pursued as a solo activity or a group activity and can be supervised by parents, so that parents can feel assured their child or children are pursuing a positive online gaming and virtual world experience. Flexibility is part of the Roblox appeal. In addition to the game being educational and entertaining, it’s also free! Although, players or parents can pay for upgrades if they would like to do so to enhance and expand their Roblox gaming and construction capabilities.

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